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Creating Moods with Lighting

One of the exciting things you can do while staying at the Smart 27 is create your own lighting moods to enhance your stay with us.

Watch the video or follow the step-by-step guide below to know how to do it.

Using the wall mounted tablet you can select the "rooms" tab at the bottom. Select a room that you wish to control.

The image below is what you see after you select "living room".

If you want to control lights, select the "lighting" button with the light bulb symbol.

livingroom lighting.jpg

You then head to the page above.To edit a mood you need to click on the "MORE" button (circled in red). This takes you to page below.

lighting with loxone.jpg

Should a light have a colour-mixing feature, this will be shown on the menu. If you wish to play with the different colours, just tap "Colour Lights" (circled in red), and a menu like the one below will come up. At this point, simply use your finger to pick a colour of your choice.

colour change in loxone.jpg
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