Welcome to The Smart 27

We hope you enjoy your stay with us, and that you'll visit us again.

This is your digital welcome book, where you will find all the information regarding your stay. We arranged it like a FAQ page, we think it's more intuitive, but If you think there is something missing, please do give us a call and we'll be more than happy to chat. On this website you will also find some useful videos to make the most of this smart home.

The Smart 27 is also our company's show home, here is where we bring our clients to experience Smart systems, so we kindly ask you to treat this home as if it were yours, thank you!

  • What's the WiFi password? 27Curzon#Terrace

  • How do the switches work? Here's a link on our website page that shows you just that!

  • Is there an alarm system in the house? Yes! to activate it, on your way out just triple tap the middle point of the touch switch at the entrance. This action will switch off everything that has been left on (even the shower!), and at the same time will set the alarm. When you access the property again with the access code, the alarm will automatically be switched off again.

  • Is the TV smart? At the moment neither of our TVs are, but we're working on it! The living room projector has a Chrome cast that you can use though.

  • How do I use the chrome cast? On the TV remote, press the yellow button to toggle between cable TV and chrome cast. Once you're on the cast setting, from your phone or laptop simply click on the option for casting, et voilà. NOTE: Make sure that you're connected to the house WiFi.

  • Can I use the tablet on the wall? By all means, do! But please leave it on the wall


  • How do I lock the door? Closing the door behind you automatically locks it.


Our recommendations for places to eat and drink are all for independent local businesses


Skosh is gourmet food on sharing plates size. The staff is knowledgeable on wines. Prices on the high side. Booking strongly recommended. 9/10

Trinacria is a real Sicilian restaurant and Gelateria. Have the best arancini in town and try their mouth watering Italian gelato. Prices are fair. 10/10