How to listen to music

Check out how to make the most of your stay with music in every room. Have a look at the guide below or simply watch the video.

At The Smart 27 we have a four zone system with one air zone. Listed below:

Zone 1 - Master Bedroom

Zone 2 - Small Bedroom

Zone 3 - Bathroom

Zone 4 - Kitchen

AIR Zone - Dining room

The easiest way to get to the music is to select the "Category" button tab, at the bottom right of the app, and then select "Music" (circled in red)

Smart music rooms.jpg

If you select "Main Bedroom" you head this page. Here you can see the saved favourites (with a red "x" next to them). You may, for example, like to listen to classic FM, simply click on the correspondent button. If you want to choose another station or something from Spotify, you need to press the "more" button on the bottom right (circled in red).

To leave this page click on the "x" at the top left of the page.


From here you can see the overview of the rooms and what's selected to play. (Rooms are underlined in red).

music overview loxone.jpg