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3 great holidays without going abroad during the pandemic

So this year has been interesting. I am sure like most of us you are itching to get out and have a break away from your own four walls. But with all the complications of air travel people are turning to the good old Great British holidays. But where do you go and what do you do to compete with that trip you had planned to the rolling hills of Tuscany?

  1. Scotland and Highlands

If you have never been to the highlands I suggest you pack your bags and get going right now. Scotland has some of the most delightful beaches which many people regard as some of the top places they have visited ever! Places like the golden gem of Sanna Bay have glowing blue seas and sands that on a warm day will basically put you in paradise (what is this Maldives you are talking about?). Many of these places have great self catering accommodation that you can use as a base to explore the local area. If you are into local produce Scotland has some fine seafood and whisky that can't be missed.

I recommend checking out “Hill of the Fairies” for a true Scottish experience. It is local to some great beaches and the most westerly point in the UK mainland. Although some of these places can take awhile to drive to, you pass some amazing views and great things to do such as visiting the Ardnamurchan distillery. Some places may still have restrictions so I suggest to call ahead before making plans.

2. Yorkshire aka The Land Of The Gods

If you are worried about being in over crowded places, Yorkshire still has plenty of open space to explore such as the Moors, but also has the added bonus of plenty of shopping to do and museums to visit. The City of York boast the shambles which is home to many wizard based shops for that film we all love or hate. Activities range from chocolate making to exploring the Vikings. There is so much fun to be had you will wonder why you wanted to disappear abroad.

The Smart 27 is perfectly located to easily access both the city centre and the motorway to explore the rest of Yorkshire. I also recommend checking out some of York's newest wine shopping experiences at “The Vices” after exploring the steam trains at the National Railway Museum. Better still at the moment you can enter a raffle to win a 3 night stay in York for just a £1.

3.London City

Not everyone wants to see the outdoors; so what does our Great country have to offer? If you are a fan of shopping then London is your one stop place, from high street to the handmade. But it doesn't end there. Attractions like Duck Tours offer a more unique experience to sight see the city by land and water. Some of my favourite things to do are going to see a West End show, (The Lion King is my all time favourite) and visiting Camden Market. Some of the more interesting and quirky places to stay can be found on Airbnb. There is even a floating yacht hotel!

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