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Anyah - The new range of eco-toiletries @The Smart 27

Updated: Jul 22, 2020

Any, a new range of eco toiletries, is now available to all our guests at The Smart 27. They are vegan, and make the environment smile, with more than 30% less co2 released on production

Here at The Smart 27 we have the environment at heart, and we're always looking at ways to reduce our impact on Mother Nature.

As a Smart home, we are already more energy efficient than most households in terms of heating, lighting, and electricity. As an accommodation, we are starting to approach greener options.

That's why we're so proud to present Anyah.

Anyah is a range of eco friendly and vegan toiletries made in Italy by GFL.

It is paraben free, BHT free, petrolatum free, nickel tested, edta free, vegan friendly. Designed to minimise its impact on the environment and aquatic ecosystems, its eco-friendly formula is based on essential ingredients and contains just the right amount of cleansing agents to ensure a fast rinse without the need to use too much water. Moreover, it has the EU Ecolabel quality standard guarantee.

Some of the advantages of certified EU Ecolabel products:

- have a reduced impact on the environment and aquatic ecosystems - fulfil strict biodegradability requirements - have minimal packaging to reduce waste - their effectiveness and appeal have been demonstrated through consumer testing.

When choosing our options, we opted for the Doypack packaging, which is aimed to reduce waste and CO2 production; compared to plastic bottles, the doypacks save 68% of CO2.

To find out more about Anyah, GFL, and the EU Ecolabel follow this link

Better for you... Better for the environment!

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