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Our new bedroom design

The past few months have been an incredible challenging time for the hospitality industry, and we haven't been exempt; not being able to open our doors to our guests has been frustrating to say the least.

This hasn't stopped us from thinking about how to improve our guests' experience once all this would have been over, though.

As much as we loved our master bedroom's design, with its Sky inspiration, we decided it was time for a makeover. Our interior enthusiast Erika came up with a unique design, and the expert Christian rolled up his sleeves and made it happen in no time.

We are extremely proud to bring to all our guests the newly decorated master bedroom; Of course, like the rest of the property, it is fully automated, with music, smart shading, and smart lighting. Our visitors will be able to play with colour-changing lights inside the feature wall/ceiling and make the bedroom their own.

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