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Movie Mode and watching TV

You might not see it, but The Smart 27 features a hidden projector in the living room.

How to use it then, and watch TV and movies?


You can turn the projector on using the standard TV remote in the living room. Press the power ON/OFF button on the remote. This will turn the projector on, the lights will be set on "Movie mode mood" and the blinds will close.

Use the yellow button to switch to the chrome cast.


NOTE: you will not be able to turn the TV/projector off for 120 seconds after you turn it on. This is because the lamp within the projector needs to warm up before it can be switched off, and the same, when turning off you need to wait for the lamp to cool before it can go back on again. The Smart 27 has been programmed to stop you from being able to do this.

remote for TV.jpg

You can also control the projector and TV freeview box from the app using the on-wall tablet. Select the "Room" tab at the bottom of the living room page; here scroll down until you see "Media Controller" as shown in the image.

Press here and select "Movie Mode". This is the same as pressing the power button on the remote. You will now see the buttons similar to the remote on the screen.

From here you can also control the Freeview TV box. All the buttons do as they would on the remote.

If you toggle to chrome cast, which is on the 2nd HDMI input, you can connect to the cast. It's called "Livingroom TV" and you can stream media from your own phone or laptop


NOTE: You must be connected to the wifi for the chrome cast to work. 

To turn OFF the system, either use the remote or press the "Off" button on the screen.

There is a google home here, so you can also try and say "OK google, turn TV off"

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